Discover Why Thousands Of People Are Calling PRELOAD

Discover Why Thousands Of People Are Calling PRELOAD

The First Ever Pre-Workout Of Its Kind…

PRELOAD: What's their first reaction?

PRELOAD: What's their first reaction?

You've seen it all before...

You've seen it all before...

Bold promises they

can’t deliver

Fake natty






Bogus transformation


For years I watched shady supplement companies get rich off hardworking people like you and me. They are professional magicians…

Playing smoke and mirror tricks in the name of profits by promising spaghetti and marinara while feeding you egg noodles and ketchup.

It’s a cleverly disguised lie—one they don’t expect you to figure out.

After all...

If these crooks can fly under the radar of the FDA, doing just enough to squeeze through every legal loophole, then they know darn well that regular guys like you and me don’t stand a chance.

Because if it’s on the shelf… we have a false confidence their products are tested, safe, and proven effective.

Not so fast.


  • “Underdosing” ingredients… According to nutritional and exercise biochemist, Anthony Almada, ascientist with more than three decades of experience consulting dietary supplement companies, you’re not getting close to what you pay for

    Most companies give you less-than-effective-amounts of their so-called “miracle formula,” while convincing you to shovel out big bucks for tiny quantities that don’t actually work.

  • Distorting clinical research…that hype up “lab rat” studies that may work for a three-pound hamster in a cage, yet will never work for a full-grown man trying to build real muscle. (1)

  • Hiding toxic chemicals behind “proprietary blends”... that may increase your risk of cancer and cause kidney stones, according to research performed on the ingredients found in “proprietary blends” by one Harvard Medical School professor.

    Even worse…

    The FDA recently filed criminal charges against one of the world’s leading pre-workout companies after it wasdiscovered their supplement caused an outbreak of liver damage (this company is now also being investigatedafter adding illegal ingredients to their formula that possibly led to heart attacks and multiple deaths).

  • Using unethical amounts of caffeine... that give you tingles and jitters for a fake WOW factor. The FDA is now cracking down on this calling it “unlawful” and dangerous to consumers.

  • Adding addictive ingredients… like what one popular pre-workout company did that USA Today recently exposed for secretly spiking their formula with a chemical that’s as addictive as meth.

Doesn’t this piss you off?

These supplements companies are playing us like fools! They’re doing whatever it takes to make you their lifelong “cash cow”...

Milking you for every nickel and dime you’ve got while selling images of guys on roids and hopping you up on the placebo effect to keep you coming back for more.

And so now you may be thinking “Okay Vince, but why would I trust YOU any more than these crooked supplement companies?”

Glad you asked.

Because for 15 years I’ve built my brand around No-Nonsense Muscle Building, tirelessly working to expose the dirty lies of the fitness industry and the BS information surrounding muscle building for skinny guys.

That’s why I’ve been nicknamed the “Skinny Guy Savior” by hundreds of thousands of men across the globe.

That’s why I also have nearly 1M followers on Facebook, 375,000+ followers on YouTube, and hundreds of thousands of newsletter subscribers. Yet today...

You can call me the “Supplement Savior.”

Because I’m going to SAVE you from wasting time, money, and even risking your life from dangerous pills, potions, and powders. I’m going to give you X-ray vision into a powerful, effective, and ethical formula I’ve put my heart and soul into—a pre-workout formula that knocks the socks off anything you’ve tried in the pastno-nonsense style.

You see, I can’t call out other supplement companies if I’m going to flirt with the ethical line just like them. So instead, I’m going to talk the talk AND walk the walk.

You with me?

Discover The Unfair Advantage That’s Putting Other Supplement Companies To Shame

Discover The Unfair Advantage That’s Putting Other Supplement Companies To Shame

Hey, Vince Del Monte here. And I’m about to share an up close and personal story with you I haven’t told before, until now...

Of how a shocking diagnosis led me to discover a brand new triple-patented pre-workout formula that’s forcing big supplement companies to shake in their boots.

I’ll also expose the scary truth behind many pills and powders that are stacked with caffeine and other stimulants that may be wreaking havoc on your body… just like they did mine.

And why drinking several cups of coffee a day is doing more damage to your health and physique than you may think. You see...

Two years ago I struggled with
"Mild Adrenal Insufficiency"
a.k.a. under-reactive adrenals...

Two years ago I struggled with "Mild Adrenal Insufficiency" a.k.a. under-reactive adrenals...

Basically, the glands that...

... were SHOT (2)

I’d wake up each morning dog-tired despite getting a full eight hours of sleep.

Obviously, this was a huge blow to my motivation. I mean... what guy wants to hit the gym when he’s feeling drowsy and weak?

So I’d pump my body with caffeine and a couple of scoops of pre-workout to get me going (I had to double the serving size just to feel the effects)...

As you’d expect, the “high” from the supplement was followed by a devastating crash… kind of like those “giant drop” rides at the amusement park where they shoot you up to the top in seconds and throw you back down at 80 mph.

I didn’t think anything of it.

In fact, I figured this slingshot effect was normal and unavoidable. I later discovered this thinking was complete garbage after a private meeting with a mysterious “supplement doctor” known as Doctor X who I’ll introduce later on.

Now, to get my mind and body in the groove for work, I’d have to stop off at the nearest coffee shop and grab a double espresso before heading home...

I needed it after the crash from my pre-workout. And it helped me for a couple of hours...

Yet in the middle of the day I’d lose focus and energy, again, finding the nearest couch to collapse on. I never used to be this way! But now, well, this was the life I thought I was resigned to.

It was like having a ticking time bomb attached to my biology—once the clock struck 2pm it would detonate, obliterating any sense of functionality I possessed.

Worse, even after work, when it was time to hang out with Flavia and the kids, I wasn’t fully present. I was more of a mindless zombie than a loving husband and attentive father.

This caused tension in my marriage, tension so thick you could cut it with a knife...

Because I was always looking for my next opportunity to rest instead of helping Flavia around the house or with the kids.

Because I was always looking for my next opportunity to rest instead of helping Flavia around the house or with the kids.

I know it sounds selfish, but I didn’t think I had a choice. My body was failing me… not supplying me with the drive I needed to conquer my day nor the stamina to finish strong.

By the time we put the kids down for bed, I barely had any vigor or initiative to rumble under the covers with Flav.

Did I turn down sex? Hell no! But I was hardly “the powerhouse” I used to be—and she noticed.

Basically, I was running on fumes all day long. I couldn’t find the right fuel to go the distance...

It Seemed Like Every Few Hours My Batteries Needed Recharging.

It Seemed Like Every Few Hours My Batteries Needed Recharging.

It Seemed Like Every Few Hours My Batteries Needed Recharging.

My Solution? More Caffeine...

My Solution? More Caffeine...

This became a vicious cycle.

Little did I know that filling my body with more coffee and the unruly amounts of caffeine found in most pre-workout supps was the poison killing my adrenal glands.

Now remember, the adrenals regulate your metabolism, hormone production, and energy.

So when these malfunction, like mine did, I was looking at a laundry list of side effects that could put me out of business! Think about it...

Being the face of my brand and always in front of the camera... this would ultimately crush my fitness business and the self-confidence I need for photoshoots and creating YouTube videos.

And let’s be honest... no man wants to learn from the guy who can’t get results for himself.

So if I look soft and flabby on camera, all of my followers will just leave for the next ripped guy.

On top of that, if I can’t maintain energy and focus throughout the day, then I’ll suck as a coach for my one-on-one business clients.

You see, every month we jump on the phone and I give my guys marching orders to reach 7-figures… yet when my vitality is low and I’m in a haze from being so tired, I’m not as quick nor as decisive on the phone.

I’m reactive instead of proactive, the complete opposite of what I preach to my students.

Plus, how will my kids remember me?

The dad with no excitement? The father who sleeps all the time?

How will Flavia feel when my passion hits an all-time low and I don’t have the juice to give her the satisfaction all women secretly crave?

Every Area Of My Life
And Business Was Suffering...

Every Area Of My Life And Business Was Suffering...

I knew something had to change FAST—for the sake of my students, my business, and my family.

And what happened next SHOCKED me.

Not only that, it also led to a groundbreaking discovery that’s become a game-changer for my workouts, business, and has even upped my game in the bedroom.

Yet before I share the secret that ultimately changed my life… look at the quiz below...

Because if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you’re likely heading down the same dark alley I was in…

QUIZ: Are Some Pre-Workouts Or Other Forms Of Caffeine Killing Your Energy Levels, Productivity, And Workouts?

You hit the snooze button on your alarm at least once every morning.

You wake up tired, unmotivated, and sluggish despite going to bed at a decent hour most nights.

You struggle to focus at work and your job performance is suffering because of it.

You experience inconsistent energy swings throughout the day and take naps during the week.

You have a hard time dealing with stress, feeling almost paralyzed by fear or weighed-down by anxiety.

You crave salty foods (According to Michael Lamb M.D., this is a little-known, yet MAJOR warning sign of adrenal fatigue)

You drink four or more cups of coffee a day most days per week.

You’re exhausted for more than an hour post workout.

You having trouble holding onto muscle mass or you feel weaker in the gym.

Your libido is low and you’re only having sex twice per week if that.

Fat loss has gotten harder or you’re experiencing unwanted weight gain.

If You Said “Yes” To One Or More Of The Above Then The Rest Of This Letter Is Critical To You...

If You Said “Yes” To One Or More Of The Above Then The Rest Of This Letter Is Critical To You...

Because starting today you can enjoy all-day energy and experience sleeve-splitting muscle pumps and high-voltage workouts every single time you step foot in the gym…

WITHOUT the jitters. Itchy skin. Constant Crashing. Or wasting your money.

I wish I would have found this sooner, because then maybe things wouldn’t have gotten so bad.

You see, I remember one morning sluggishly walking to the kitchen for my pre-workout ritual. I poured not one, not two, not three… but FOUR scoops of powder into my shaker bottle just to get the “buzz” I was used to.

And in that moment I realized… I’ve become addicted to this stuff!

So I checked the label to see just how much caffeine I was actually consuming per scoop and discovered, to my horror, I was chugging 1,200mg!

According to the Mayo Clinic that would be the same as drinking 10 cans of soda, 2 energy shots, AND 4 cups of coffee in one sitting!

I call this the “law of diminishing returns”...

Most Supplements Companies Purposely Use This Tactic To Make An Extra Buck Off You

Most Supplements Companies Purposely Use This Tactic To Make An Extra Buck Off You

Maybe you’ve gotten ripped off by it before, too.

The first few times you take their pre-workout powder you can feel it working. You’re energized. Pumped. Motivated. And you go to the gym and crush your workout...

Yet after one or two months the effects wear off—to the point you need to take two scoops just to feel the same excitement as day one. Six months later you have to triple the recommended serving size for the same awareness and energy.

It’s a relentless cycle, forcing you to “up the dosage” month over month until you’re polishing off three containers in a few weeks just to get a decent workout.

This is exactly what happened to me.

So I tried weaning off the powder and drinking only coffee. After all, coffee does have benefits and it’s a natural source of energy. And sure, it saved me a little it of money but that was about it.

The problem with relying on just coffee before training is that caffeine isn’t the only ingredient that makes a powerful pre-workout supplement.


  • the citrulline for bigger muscle pumps…
  • the creatine for powerful contractions and strength…
  • the beta alanine so I can squeeze out one or two more reps…
  • the theanine for added energy, drive, and focus...
  • and so much more...


I needed more ammo to get the absolute BEST out of my workouts and leave the gym confidently knowing I’d get bigger and stronger.



I didn’t want a pre-workout that would fizzle-out after a few months of taking it…

Or be loaded with ungodly amounts of caffeine and other stimulants that smother your adrenal glands and set you up for failure in the long run.

So I reached out to two of the leading strength and muscle-building coaches in the world... including a Top 10 IFBB pro bodybuilder and asked them to write down the ultimate pre-workout checklist if money was no option.

And what I got back blew my mind…

Because most of the ingredients I’d NEVER seen in powders I tried in the past. Including...

3 Newly Patented Ingredients Praised As The “Next Generation Of Performance Enhancing Supplements”


3 Newly Patented Ingredients Praised As The “Next Generation Of Performance Enhancing Supplements”

HydroMax® is a unique formula of highly-concentrated glycerol that hyper-hydrates your muscle cells for freaky-size and larger-than-life pumps and vascularity…

Until now supplement companies have used ‘lightweight’ dosages of glycerol in their formulas (5-12% concentration)... however, with the brand new technology of HydroMax® you get a massive 65% of highly-concentrated, muscle -engorging glycerol. Making it the most potent form of glycerol to date!

Resulting in a sleeve-splitting experience like none other...


Glycerol attracts water. So having more glycerol inside of your muscle cells enhances the pump you can achieve. It also pulls more water into your blood vessels causing them to dilate and increase vascularity.

As mentioned above, glycerol concentration in other sports supplements is quite low, yet still somewhat effective. With HydroMax®, however, you’ll get a quadruple-dose of the most effective form of active glycerol on the market... resulting in extreme, jaw-dropping muscle pumps!

The clinically proven benefits of HydroMax® include:

  • Insane muscle pumps from the very first set and a skin-ripping sensation that’s second to none... and because your muscle bellies will fill with vital water and nutrients almost immediately, you’ll also look jacked in minutes! There’s simply nothing THIS fast-acting or potent on the market.
  • Decreased core body temperature and heart rate so you can go longer, harder, and stronger every session... pushing your body beyond its normal limits for brand new muscle growth and accelerated fat loss.
  • Freaky vein-bulging vascularity from the superior hydration and nutrient delivery technology... (you’ll likely see veins you’ve never seen before so get ready for some insane looking selfies—and comments from haters accusing you of taking steroids).

Most supplement companies add substandard glycerol to their formulas and shout the benefits from the mountain-tops… it’s all false advertising.

Yet with HydroMax® you’ll get REAL results thanks to the patented glycerol delivery technology that sets the new industry standard.

AlphaSize is the world’s FIRST and ONLY fully research-supported and patented ingredient proven to outperform caffeine for both mental and physical energy.


The active ingredient in AlphaSize is called acetylcholine… which is a neurotransmitter that stimulates muscle contractions.

After supplementing your body with acetylcholine your brain immediately receives this anabolic neurotransmitter and tells your muscles to contract more forcefully with each rep and set, while producing explosive power output for greater strength gains.

As a bonus, acetylcholine also improves your brain’s processing abilities (for an outrageous mind-muscle connection).

The clinically proven benefits of AlphaSize® include:

  • A scientifically-supported and patented formula proven to enhance, reduce, or replace caffeine... plus you’ll awaken your brain for sharper thinking, and fast, reliable decision making like a high-powered CEO.
  • Increase peak power output for personal record-breaking strength gains and greater muscle growth. Lifting heavier weights is the fastest way to pack on dense muscle mass… AlphaSize® will give you the edge to do that and more every time you step foot in the gym.
  • A powerful 19X growth hormone release in minutes. GH is the fountain of youth hormone that’s critical for muscle growth, fat loss, strengthening joints, and so much more… especially as you age.

When you consume AlphaSize® you’ll be recruiting an entire army of muscle-building neurotransmitters that will give you mammoth size and strength gains in minutes… it works that fast.

TeaCrine® is NOT a stimulant. Instead, it’s a hard-driving nootropic that boosts your energy and brain-power so you can stay alert, focused, and ‘ready to go’ 4-8 hours LONGER than any amount of caffeine.

Think of it this way…

If caffeine is gasoline, then TeaCrine® is jet fuel, allowing you to go the distance every training session and then some.

Best part, you won’t build a tolerance to TeaCrine® like you would caffeine. Meaning the 60th dose will feel just as powerful as the 1st dose. So you’ll never have to “up the ante” to get the same kind of results.

Without getting too “sciency”...


TeaCrine® reduces the hormone adenosine. Adenosine depresses your central nervous system and weakens neurotransmitters, resulting in decreased performance and muscular output.

So the less you have of it in the gym, the better.

At the same time, TeaCrine® boosts the hormone dopamine, giving you a higher pain tolerance, mental edge, and more neural drive.

Basically, it’s doing away with the bad and increasing the good in one fell swoop.

The clinically proven benefits of TeaCrine® include:

  • Clean and sustained energy WITHOUT the crash or jitters.
  • Massive boost in cognitive performance, giving you heightened awareness and unshakable concentration. Plus, TeaCrine® can improve your mood, fight anxiety, and wage-war on daytime fatigue… (so you’ll never need an afternoon ‘pick me up’ again).
  • Wards off cravings and suppresses appetite, making even the most challenging diets bearable.
  • A turbocharged libido from the heavy rush of ‘feel good hormones’ that put you (and her) in the mood practically on command.

You could say I was stoked after uncovering all of this research. I felt like a kid holding tightly to his Christmas list...

I Couldn’t Wait To Get My Hands On These Cutting Edge Formulas

I Couldn’t Wait To Get My Hands On These Cutting Edge Formulas

So I ordered every ingredient separately… which cost me more than $200 after shipping. But I knew it would be worth it if I could crack the pre-workout code and find something that was pure, potent, and produced results.

I remember the shipment coming in and spreading all the ingredients across the kitchen table…

I could see Flavia in the corner of my eye with her head tilted and eyebrows raised looking at me like I was crazy. And I was.

I became a man possessed. A mad scientist mixing different formulas and dosages, trying to find the perfect blend. I could hardly sleep that night. I couldn’t wait to wake up the next morning and try my very own stew of energy-boosting ingredients.

Heck, I didn’t know if I’d have a heart attack, a wicked pump, or not feel anything at all…

But When I Tried It…. I Knew I Struck Gold.

But When I Tried It…. I Knew I Struck Gold.

Because as I was driving to the gym I noticed my forearm veins popping out like they were already pumped.

Maybe I was gripping the steering wheel too tight from excitement. Or maybe it was the specific dosage of HydroMax® my IFBB pro bodybuilder friend told me about. I couldn’t say for sure.
Either way I was amped-up, ultra-focused, and ready to GO!

That day I did a full upper body workout...

I wanted to challenge myself like never before and see just how far I could push my body with this formula.

First thing I noticed: my mind-muscle connection was ultra-strong and laser-focused. It’s like my brain transcended into a state of muscle growth I’d never experienced before—like tunnel vision locked onto the exact muscles I was working.

And the way my muscles looked and felt was second to none, especially when I did a superset of bicep curls and tricep extensions. My skin felt like it was splitting and my veins looked like they were blowing-up with air before my very eyes.

Each contraction was more powerful than the last. I also noticed my arms were getting “double-takes” by a bunch of men and women at the gym.

Let me tell you… with pumps and attention like that, you’ll NEVER lack the motivation to hit the gym again. Instead, you’ll be hooked on this feeling of confidence and admiration.

And as I trained, I kept waiting for the “big drop” of energy and my body to tell me “Yo Vinny, it’s time to go”...

But it never happened. In fact...

I was coasting through the part of my workout where I’d typically throw in the towel.

I was surprised when after 90 minutes into my workout, I still had the fuel to keep going. The only reason I left the gym that day was because I had coaching calls with my business clients.

And on the way home? No stops at the coffee shop. No espresso. Nothing.

The same energy and focus I had in the gym carried over to the next several hours on the phone with my clients.

It’s like I was in a zen-like trance that had me thinking clearly, operating like a Fortune 500 businessman. Plus, it gave me the upper-edge to close some massive business deals.

I didn’t know if it was just pure luck or if it was the pre-workout I made, but I was on fire!

Most importantly, I was fully present for Flavia and the kids by the end of the day. I took the two little ones to the park and helped clean up the house before bed. That’s when Flavia looked at me and said, “Okay, who are you and what have you done to my husband?!

I was coasting through the part of my workout where I’d typically throw in the towel.

I was surprised when after 90 minutes into my workout, I still had the fuel to keep going. The only reason I left the gym that day was because I had coaching calls with my business clients.

And on the way home? No stops at the coffee shop. No espresso. Nothing.

The same energy and focus I had in the gym carried over to the next several hours on the phone with my clients.

It’s like I was in a zen-like trance that had me thinking clearly, operating like a Fortune 500 businessman. Plus, it gave me the upper-edge to close some massive business deals.

I didn’t know if it was just pure luck or if it was the pre-workout I made, but I was on fire!

Most importantly, I was fully present for Flavia and the kids by the end of the day. I took the two little ones to the park and helped clean up the house before bed. That’s when Flavia looked at me and said, “Okay, who are you and what have you done to my husband?!

You could say she showed her appreciation that night. Except that for the first time in a long time, I was the aggressive one. I was in control. I was the king again.

I went to bed that night with a smile on my face. Feeling, looking, and acting like a million bucks. I was stunned at how wickedly effective this pre-workout formula was.

And trust me, I know this all sounds too good to be true. I thought the same thing. Which is why I decided to keep the secret to myself and put this formula to the test.

After all, it could have just been a fluke. Plus, I needed to make sure this feeling wouldn’t wear off like the rest of the pre-workouts I’ve tried in the past.

So I stayed consistent. I spent more than $200 a month on all the individual supplements I needed to make my pre-workout mix. I’d even stuff all 15 bottles in my bag while traveling!

And it never failed.

I Had The Same “Get Up And Go” On Day 90 As I Did On Day 1

I Had The Same “Get Up And Go” On Day 90 As I Did On Day 1

The best way I can describe it is like a polished plane ride…

Ten minutes after drinking this combo of ingredients you feel like you’re taking off in a high-powered air craft with zero turbulence.

After a comfortable lift to the top, you feel like you’re coasting, yet with tons of energy. It’s like you’re flying in the smoothest seat on the plane from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Your drive and focus are soaring high, and you never feel like you’re running out of fuel.

By the time the day is over, you slowly descend from the top, ending your experience with a gentle landing.

Sounds incredible, right?

It’s a sensation unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. But you have to experience it for yourself. I promise when you do, though, you’ll feel like a whole new person.

Which is why I couldn’t keep this hidden anymore.

That’s when I took my unique formula to the biggest supplement convention in the world to get advice from the top dogs. And...

That’s When I Discovered Just How Corrupt The Supplement Industry Is

That’s When I Discovered Just How Corrupt The Supplement Industry Is

This includes some of the largest brands on the shelf!

The top dogs told me to:

  • Cut the dosage of my three most potent ingredients.
  • Add fillers to slice the product cost so I could make a profit.
  • Use “knock off” ingredients instead of the purest form.
  • Lace my formula with more caffeine for a deceptive jitter-effect.

One of the guys even looked at my formula list and then took a pen and wrote down cheaper substitutes I should use. He said my formula was “too good”—that I’d go broke if I followed through with it as is.

I’m not going to lie to you.

I initially tried following their advice. I ordered the different ingredients, cut some of the dosages, and attempted this revised formula. You know what happened?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch!

I knew there had to be a way to use the ingredients from my original formula… and turn it into an all-in-one supplement without skimping on the quality.

And that’s when I was reminded of a world-renowned doctor and renegade researcher who works with these kind of ingredients to create specialized supplement plans for professional athletes and gym goers.

His name is Doctor X (he prefers his privacy and doesn’t want his name revealed to the public).

Having Doctor X’s help was the final piece of the puzzle to turn my special formula into a fully-loaded, all-in-one supplement that’s in a league of its own...

Plus, Doctor X made three unique changes to my original formula that made it even better… like a pre-workout powder on steroids!

And for the first time ever this unrivaled formula can be yours…

Introducing: PRELOAD

Introducing: PRELOAD

The First And ONLY Triple-Patented Pre-Workout Formula For
Explosive Muscle Gains And High Powered Workouts Every Single Time…

The First And ONLY Triple-Patented Pre-Workout Formula For
Explosive Muscle Gains And High Powered Workouts Every Single Time…

No Crash. No Jitters. No Compromise. No Nonsense


Unlock laser-like focus that goes beyond the gym and into the office. Just one scoop and you’ll feel like Superman, closing big deals, out-performing others at work, and still having the awareness to be “present” at home with your partner and kids.

Tap into an altered state of mind-muscle connection, resulting in superior muscle activation for monster-sized gains. You simply cannot achieve this supreme state of concentration without the specific combination and dosages of pure l-tyrosine and l-phenylalanine which I’ll reveal below.

Super-soak your muscle cells with scientifically proven ingredients that have been clinically tested to give you noticeable muscle-hardening results (the secret is in the 3,000mg of HydroMax® that instantly makes you look bigger and feel stronger… Doctor X added this ingredient and it works like magic!)

Produce 19X more natural growth hormone after consuming the exact dosage of AlphaSize® listed in PRELOAD. Growth hormone is proven to rewind time on your cells, boost muscle growth, decrease body fat, and ramp-up your performance in the gym and behind closed doors. The more you have, the better off you’ll be.

Effortlessly hold onto lean muscle mass (even while cutting) by adding this 21-second “pour, shake, and chug” trick to your day. You can thank the Betaine for that.

12+ hours of unlimited energy and better mood with every single serving. I promise, you won’t need a single cup of coffee or another “pick me up” after enjoying just one scoop of this icy-smooth, flavor-packed pre-workout.

Forever ditch the “fake highs,” heavy heart pounding, hand-shaking jitters, and giant crashes from the heaps of caffeine that dirty supplement companies use without conviction.

Go the distance each day with enhanced energy and drive that lasts 4-8 hours longer than any form of caffeine. We’ve added a little-known ingredient in a class of its own called TeaCrine®. Keep reading to uncover why it works so well, plus the other benefits below.

Confidently consume a pre-workout formula that goes above and beyond for YOU, giving you the best workouts, biggest pumps, unmatched energy, laser-focus and so much more!



15 Fully Loaded
Ingredients And Doses
Backed By Science

15 Fully Loaded
Ingredients And Doses Backed By Science

L-Citrulline - 6,000mg

  • A rock star vasodilator and Nitric Oxide pump producer.
  • While most supplements use Arginine for better pumps, we went back to the research and found L-Citrulline is a more effective ingredient to get the job done.(3)
  • As a bonus, due to the improved blood flow across your entire body, L-Citrulline gives you larger and harder erections.

Betaine Anhydrous - 2500mg

  • This under the radar ingredient does it all. It increases creatine in your muscles, slows the rate of muscle protein breakdown so you retain more lean body mass when dieting down to get shredded. (9)
  • Betaine buffers lactic acid which fights muscle fatigue and increases your strength potential so you can increase your daily, weekly and monthly training volume over time.(10)
  • As a bonus, it naturally increases HGH and decreases cortisol.(11)

AlphaSize® Alpha - Glycerylphosphoryl Choline (alpha-GPC) - 300mg

  • One of the only supplements which unlocks your BRAIN and increases strength, power, focus and concentration. AlphaSize increases a neurotransmitter in your brain responsible for focus, drive and energy, along with acting as a key component in initiating muscle contractions.(14)
  • New research shows when you use this ingredient, pre-workout growth hormone secretion is NINETEEN TIMES the amount you would secrete without it.(15)
  • You will be able to lift heavier weights, stay focused for longer periods of time, get leaner and speed up your recovery. It’s even been shown to dramatically reduce the onset and severity of Alzheimer’s disease, in addition to preventing Alzheimer’s in healthy individuals.(16)

L-Theanine - 100mg

  • Don’t suffer through the energy peak and valleys other pre-workouts put you through. L-Theanine provides a boost in mental and physical performance.
  • This often overlooked supplement “takes the edge off” caffeine so you can reap its physical and mental benefits without the crash.
  • Imagine what it’ll feel like to enjoy steady, clean energy throughout the day rather than the peaks and valleys you get with other pre-workout formulas.

Creatine Monohydrate - 3000mg

  • If you aren’t taking this supplement you’re leaving slabs of muscle mass on the table.
  • Creatine is one of the most researched and effective compounds in sports supplements.(4) It gives you stronger, more powerful muscle contractions which result in more weight lifted, a bigger pump, and more muscle protein synthesis signaling
  • New research shows Creatine improves brain function, blood sugar control, exercise induced DNA damage and so much more. (5,6,7)

Beta-Alanine - 1600mg

  • Beta-Alanine reduces exercise fatigue and anaerobic capacity while increasing your ability to perform more work.
  • This special ingredient works synergistically with creatine to fight fatigue and push your sets further than ever before.
  • By reducing the burn you feel from high repetition exercises, you’re able to go longer, get stronger and add more high quality muscle mass. (12)

L-Phenylalanine - 500mg

  • A powerful ingredient to signal the “love drug” in your body for enjoyable workouts that have you coming back for more.
  • You’ll be able to hit the gym with laser-like focus, intensity and pure enjoyment. (17)
  • The mood-lifting powers of this ingredient explain why its by-products are used to treat clinical depression in the medical world. (18)

TeaCrine® (40% tasteless Theacrine - 313mg)

  • TeaCrine® provides enhanced energy so you stay alert, focused and ready to go 4-8 hours LONGER than caffeine. (21)
  • This ingredient has similar mental and physical benefits as caffeine. Increase motivation, fight fatigue, decrease pain tolerance and stay clear and focused throughout the day.
  • Your body doesn’t build up a tolerance to this like it does with caffeine (22) and you won't experience the same crash when it wears off. The best part is that researchers found taking a brain-boosting dose of this special ingredient 1 hour before bed won’t affect your sleep. (23)

HydroMax® (>65% Glycerol powder) - 3000mg

  • Hyper-hydrate your muscle cells for better pumps, vascularity and work capacity.
  • Not only do you instantly look bigger (even when you’re carb depleted) but it hyper-hydrates your cells so you’re primed for explosive muscle growth.
  • As a bonus, this will regulate your core body temperature and help maintain total body water, even during periods of extreme dehydration and fluid deprivation (8). Perfect when you’re getting after it in a hot and sweaty dungeon gym.

L-Tyrosine - 1500mg

  • Tyrosine will increase your maximum recoverable volume in and outside the gym.
  • This essential ingredient decreases your perception of stress which allows you to handle more of it without wearing out; not only is this important for the gym but also for life (13)
  • Supplementing with Tyrosine improves your mood, energy and mental drive so you can ‘get after it’ in the gym.

Caffeine Anhydrous - 300 mg

  • What would a pre-workout formula be without caffeine. We use the most abused pre-workout ingredient in a safe and effective way for long-lasting energy without the crashes.
  • Other pre-workout formulas rely on caffeine as their #1 ingredient because you can FEEL it. But too much causes shakes, jitters, anxiety and even sickness.
  • Caffeine reduces the perception of pain and fatigue, making it useful for tough workouts for which you would normally slow down (19). It also stimulates your adrenal glands and releases fatty acids from fat cells into the bloodstream to be burned for fuel. (20)

Sodium Citrate (190mg) + Potassium Citrate (85mg) + Magnesium Citrate (35mg) + Calcium Chloride & Silicate (55mg)

  • Drinking water can only take you so far. You need these two scientifically-supported electrolytes to maximize cellular hydration, achieve skin splitting pumps and lay down new muscle tissue.
  • You lose crucial electrolytes in your sweat when you train. What most people don’t realize is that losing these electrolytes can prevent you from getting the pump you’re chasing.
  • Without achieving a cellular swelling effect you’re unable to trigger new muscle growth, which means being dehydrated is robbing you of building solid muscle.



What Does A Fully Loaded Scoop Look Like Versus The Average Competitor?

What Does A Fully Loaded Scoop Look Like Versus The Average Competitor?

When I say PRELOAD is the first fully loaded pre-workout supplement of its kind, I mean it. If you couldn't tell by the image above… one serving size of PRELOAD is double the size of the other guys.

How else was I going to fit all 15 ingredients in their scientifically proven dosages without going big?

It's impossible! Which is why our containers, formula... heck, even our scooper are bigger and badder than any pre-workout you've tried before.



Each bottle of PRELOAD comes packed with 25 powerful servings.
If you work out 5 times per week, one bottle will last you up to 5+ weeks.

Which means, when you take advantage of the 3 bottle special (our most popular order), you’ll be fueled with the best pre-workout powder for AT LEAST 4 full months.

And get this…

Because you’re one of my VIP’s (Vinny’s Important People)... each bottle is only $69. That’s $30 LESS than what you would pay if you went to Amazon to get it right now. For ONLY $2.76 per scoop of ultra-powerful ingredients in science-backed dosages, you’ll experience throbbing muscle-pumps, hulk-like strength, and boosted performance and focus like never before.

I’ll be honest, you’d be crazy to pass this up, man.

I mean… what other options do you have?

A $3.75 energy drink from the gas station? Or a $4.50 overpriced coffee from Starbucks? You and I both know the ingredients in these drinks pump you full of caffeine and sugar for a couple of hours before you crash… not to mention they’re filled with chemicals and additives that burn a hole through your gut.

Is it really worth it to cheap out on yourself, passing up the quality, effectiveness, and results of PRELOAD?

Now You Could
Always Do This...

Now You Could
Always Do This...

Or You Could
Simply Do This

Or You Could
Simply Do This

I spent every morning for two years mixing 15 powders into a shaker cup just to get the same effects of one scoop of PRELOAD. Was it worth the time? Absolutely. I was getting insane pumps during my workouts and felt like I was running on jet-fuel all day long. It's one of those feelings you can't put a price on.

Yet it was still a major hassle...

Especially during the school year. Flavia would be getting the kids ready and there's Vinny in the corner making his pre-workout drink. It was embarrassing. And she hated how much space it took up in the cupboard. So I was already treading on thin ice!

My biggest pet peeve was when I'd place an order and not all the ingredients would arrive...

Some workouts I'd be missing my AlphaSize or creatine monohydrate... and there were a couple of times HydroMax was on backorder and I had to wait weeks. My workouts didn't feel the same without ALL the ingredients working together as one powerful unit.

Not to mention shipping costs, customs fees, and ordering all 15 bottles a month added up. However...

Now that PRELOAD is an all-in-one fully loaded supplement, my mornings look much different. Just a simple scoop, pour, shake and voilà... energy on demand! And Flav isn't busting my chops for cluttering up our kitchen anymore either!

All to say... you can try to make this formula yourself like I did. But it'll cost you time, money, and a whole lot of headaches. Which is why I've done the hard part for you and packed each of these powerful ingredients in their scientifically-supported dosages into one small container so you don't have to.

And If You Still Think You Can Get Away With The Same Old Pre-Workout You’re Currently Taking And Make Progress… Do Me A Favor

And If You Still Think You Can Get Away With The Same Old Pre-Workout You’re Currently Taking And Make Progress… Do Me A Favor

Save yourself from being ripped off by these two-faced supplement companies and give PRELOAD a fair shot to rock your world the next few months.

If it doesn’t blow your mind and give you the BEST results you’ve ever experienced… I’ll pay for the bottle myself with our 100% money back guarantee you’ll learn more about in a second. Sound fair?

I know the price is a tad more than the average pre-workout powder. But when it comes to results… you get what you pay for!

Sure, you can buy a cheaper pre-workout for half the price, but you’ll also get half the results… and you don’t strike me as one who’s willing to leave results on the table, am I right?

You understand the higher the price… the greater the quality, experience, and outcome. And that’s what you’ll get with PRELOAD…. a formula packed with premium ingredients in scientifically significant doses that can’t be beat.

So if you’re serious about results (and I think that you are) PRELOAD is your only option.
It’s a no-brainer.



Your bottles of PRELOAD are flying off the warehouse shelves, which is why you must claim yours before we run out.

Like I mentioned earlier… the ingredients in this formula isn’t pixie dust and fillers like these other supplement companies.

These ingredients are deluxe… the cream of the crop.
So when all the bottles are gone, it may take months for me to restock. Which is a long time for you to miss out on the experience and results you’ll get with every scoop.

Oh and I forgot to mention one more thing...

The ingredients in PRELOAD compound over time. This means the longer you use it, the even better results you’ll get month over month (without ever having to up the dosage).

And I want you to experience the compounding effects over the next several months. Which is why when you get three (3) or six (6) bottles you’re going to SAVE BIG!

3 bottles of PRELOAD is only $69 each, which as I said before, saves you $30!

And if you’re super-serious about transforming your body and life in the next 8 months by adding this powerful 21-second “pour, shake, and chug” ritual to your morning…

You can grab a 6-pack of PRELOAD and save 51%

For A VERY Limited Time Only

For A VERY Limited Time Only

Choose The Best Option For You

Choose The Best Option For You


Save $30 + We'll Ship You 1 Bottle Every Month

Canada and US only



Canada and US only

SAVE 31%


Canada and US only

SAVE 51%

Join Our Monthly Ship and Save Program and Get an Additional $30 OFF Your Order

Join Our Monthly Ship and Save Program and Get an Additional $30 OFF Your Order

One of the WORST feelings in the world is reaching into your cabinet, opening up your pre-workout container only to find it’s nearly empty!

Which is why, when you sign up to our monthly ship and save program, we’ll automatically send you a bottle of PRELOAD every 30 days right to your front door so you never have to go a workout without it.

*You can cancel the ship and save program at any time - no questions asked.

No Proprietary Blends. No Unproven Ingredients. No Weak Dosages. No Fillers... No Nonsense.

No Proprietary Blends. No Unproven Ingredients. No Weak Dosages. No Fillers... No Nonsense.

365 Day 100% Money Back Triple Guarantee

Why would you keep paying for bogus supplements that don’t actually work when you could try PRELOAD 100% risk-free?

You wouldn’t. It makes no sense to skip out on this one-time opportunity to test-drive “The Bentley” of pre-workout powders when I’m shouldering ALL the risk. I’m so confident you’ll love your experience with PRELOAD that I’m willing to do what the jokers at other supplement companies won’t—put my money where my mouth is.

I’ve already followed through with every promise, giving you an insiders-look at each ingredient and sharing the painful and expensive road I’ve taken to bring PRELOAD to you.

And I have one more promise to give you today…

  • If you don’t make noticeable gains and experience the very best workouts of your life using my science-backed formula…
  • If you don’t enjoy long and sustainable all-day energy without the crash…
  • If you don’t feel laser-focused and driven with every single scoop down to the very last…
  • If PRELOAD doesn’t 10X your life in the next 365 days…

Then I will personally refund your every penny. All you have to do is send the rest of your unopened bottles back... see specific details about this in our FAQ section below... and you’ll receive a refund - no questions asked.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another supplement company willing to put their own ass on the line like I am, but that’s how confident I am in PRELOAD.

Take my signature below as a signed agreement between you and I that I will come through on my every word that you read today:

What Others Are Saying About PRELOAD

What Others Are Saying

Takes It Every Single Day, Even When Not Training!

I actually stopped using pre-workouts after having used and tried all the pre-workouts on the market (at least the ones worth trying) over the last few years. Always the same stuff – either underdosed, overpriced, or overhyped. I knew what a real pre-workout was, and when I saw the ingredients – both quality AND quantity- in Vince’s pre workout formula, I saw a glimmer of hope.

Then I opened the package, and I saw the size of the scoop. This was an immediate indication to me of the high quality of the product and the fact that there was NO skimping on this product quality. Then I took it. Taste was amazing (watermelon was the flavour I tried).

To summarize my experience after that is the following: I take it every single DAY! Even the days I’m not working out I’ll sip on a half scoop because this is more than just a pre-workout that jacks you up for a solid workout and that’s it. This gets you TUNNEL-VISION focus like no other pre, and I honestly used it for extreme focus for my entire day. The workouts are another story on their own. Most insane pumps I’ve ever had. Didn’t even need headphones that’s how zoned in I was. PRELOAD is the real deal. Don’t take my word for it though, just try it for yourself!

- Jonathan Mango, Beyond the Iron
Toronto, ON

A Steady Flow Of Energy Close To 8 Hours Later… Every Momma’s Dream!

WOW!!! is the first word I can use to describe this product! Not only was it delicious, it mixed so well that I barely needed to shake it. I took PRELOAD a half hour before my workout and I didn't get any crazy jitters like I used to with other pre-workouts.

The most amazing part was the steady flow of energy I had throughout the workout. I pushed a lot harder than I normally would and definitely got through some gruelling last few reps with more ease. On top of an intense workout, I was even more amazed by the constant flow of energy I had hours later. No crashes, no extreme fatigue, just a steady flow of focused energy close to 8 hours later!!! This is every MOMMA’S dream!!!

I got a workout in, laundry, grocery shopping, played with my son, cooked dinner and then trained a few clients, while still having some gas in the tank to get some work done in the evening. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! It is a 5 STAR RATING IN MY BOOKS :)

- Nadia DaSilva
Toronto, ON

PRELOAD Is No Bullshit. Quality Product!

I have used a lot of pre-workouts in my life. PRELOAD by Vince Del Monte is no bullshit. The pumps I get off it are insane, not to mention the focus and intensity I can keep during the whole workout.

I literally have to stop myself from working out the past couple weeks cause the workouts are so good. You can tell as soon as you take it for the first time how much of a quality product this is. It doesn't hurt my stomach and I can go all day without any coffee or caffeine to pick me up. It's a 10/10 in my books.

- Phil Harrison
Toronto, ON

Laser-Focused All Day!

The first time I ever tried PRELOAD was after I had eaten carbs at lunch. Now, I always get tired if I have carbs at lunch time, so I could feel the fatigue on the approach. But then I remembered that I had PRELOAD! So the first time I ever used PRELOAD was as an energy drink… and it perked me right up, keeping me laser-focused for the rest of the afternoon.

The next morning I took PRELOAD before my workout and found that I was focused and had tons of energy throughout a grueling leg workout. That mental alertness stayed right with me the rest of the day and I did not get tired till late in the evening.

- Paul Edwards
Olympia, WA

Has Me On A Different Level

I’ve tried many pre-workouts before. Vince's Fully Loaded PRELOAD was different. I’m a focused guy when I train, but this pre-workout has me on a different level. I am able to concentrate more on what I’m doing and I can keep the same intensity throughout my training. This is definitely a product that I will be taking—and recommending it to my clients. Thanks to Vinny D for introducing it to me.

- Granville Mayers
2018 AWPC Masters World Champion
4 Time AWPC World Record Holder
13 Time CPF National Record Holder
Strongfirst Team Leader
Flexible Steel Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer
Toronto, ON

No Issues Falling Asleep!

Awesome to fuel your workouts and performance to a whole new level. With PRELOAD I was I able to work out harder and have a powerful session, without any drop in energy. What I loved the most is what came after the training. The energy even lasted me into my work day and allowed me to fly through my coaching sessions with more clarity, energy and productivity, and even close me a new sale ;)

I slept well, no issue falling asleep. And strangely enough, I swear I had some extra in me this morning ready to do it all, all over again.

- Monika Kovacs,
Toronto, ON

Set A Rep PR For Squats!

Hands down the best pre-workout I’ve ever taken! Completely different than anything I’ve had before and by far the highest quality ingredients. From the moment you finish the pre-workout you feel a burst in your energy and extreme focus. It felt like I could lift for hours and hours and definitely helped me push out those extra couple reps that I usually struggle with, actually set a rep PR for squats which I am super stoked about!

Afterwards you don’t feel a crash or anything at all, quite the opposite, you are still energized to crush the rest of the day and have a “get shit done” mentality. The energy and focus lasted all day and still felt it working even 10+ hours later. Amazing product, you gotta try it!

- Sarah Bogue
City: Toronto, Ontario
IG: @sarahb_fit

Hands Down My New Favourite Pre-Workout!

I am absolutely in love with PRELOAD. My favourite thing about it is the fact that the energy lasts all day. With other pre-workouts (or energy drinks, coffee, etc) I crash a few times throughout the day and need multiple servings. With this there is no crash and I can work steady throughout the entire day.

It makes me feel energetic, focused, and the pump is amazing! This is hands down my new favourite pre-workout.

- Laura Grossi
Stoney Creek, ON



Look, man. You’re obviously serious about getting more out of your pre-workout.

Or maybe you’ve never used a pre-workout before, but you’re thinking of trying one. Regardless, you wouldn’t have taken time to read this far down the page just to walk away and pretend like nothing ever happened.

By now... the only reason you wouldn’t choose PRELOAD as your #1 source of strength, focus, and energy is because you’re scared of the price or don’t think it’ll work.

Keep in mind… although PRELOAD isn’t cheap, it’s the highest quality supplement you’ll find on the market. This is the BENTLEY ofpre-workout formulas, not a dang Fiat or a Jeep.

So you get what you pay for.

And if you’re “okay” being the guy who drives a tin-can on 4 wheels, then go right ahead. But if you’re someone who doesn’t settle for less than the best… and you’re willing to spend just a few bucks extra to get WAY more results. Then PRELOAD is for you.

Plus you’re backed by my 365-Day 100% Money Back Triple Guarantee… so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

And hey, if you don’t think it’ll work after everything I’ve shared with you today… and you’d rather place your trust in one of those crooked supplement companies that cheap-out on their ingredients so they can make big bucks off your back...

You’re ripping yourself off! And if you’re cool with getting scammed then happy trails to you.

But if you’re ready to up your game and dominate all areas of your life by adding this one supplement to your day, then find the best option below.

Click the “choose flavors” button. Pick the smooth and refreshing flavors of PRELOAD your taste-buds desire and check out with our secure Fort Knox grade checkout page.

Choose The Best Option For You


Save $30 + We'll Ship You 1 Bottle Every Month

Canada and US only



Canada and US only

SAVE 31%


Canada and US only

SAVE 51%

Order PRELOAD Today!

Order PRELOAD Today!

It took me over two years to make PRELOAD the quality product that I know will change your life for the better. The formula is rock-solid. The results are top-notch. The feeling is amazing.

Your investment in PRELOAD is just a few bucks more than other pre-workouts... but will save you tons of money. Because you’ll never have to “up the ante” with PRELOAD and take more than the one scoop to get the same results on month 6 as you did on day 1...

Nor will you throw your hard-earned money down the toilet by consuming crappy blends with weak dosages. We only use the best ingredients in PRELOAD and in their clinically effective dosages too. No one else can say that.

Sure, we could have cut a few corners like the other guys to save a few bucks here and there but there was no way in hell I was going to sacrifice your results or my reputation for a few dollars.

PRELOAD is worth every penny. And when it arrives at your front door in just a few days from now and you try it for the first time… you’ll be shocked at how potent and fast-acting it truly is. I guarantee it.

Grab PRELOAD while you can before we run out...

Grab PRELOAD while you can before we run out...

Questions About PRELOAD?

Can you show me every ingredient and dose in PRELOAD?

What’s the difference between PRELOAD and other pre-workouts?

The first thing you should know is the only reason I went through the hassle of creating PRELOAD was because I wasn’t satisfied with the other pre-workouts on the market.

If there was a pre-workout that provided the same results, I would have happily saved my time and energy and taken that. But PRELOAD is in a league of its own.

  • No inflated claims. We only use proven effective ingredients backed by science.
  • No guessing. We use complete label transparency and are free of proprietary blends.
  • No shortcuts. The effective clinical dosages are used for each quality ingredient.
  • No crash. 12+ hours of long lasting energy without the crash or jitters.
  • Your body deserves the best. Great taste, quality and value to meet the standards of ambitious people like you and me.

We only include high quality ingredients to maximize your muscle, endurance, strength, energy and focus in the gym and for the rest of your day.

PRELOAD isn’t the best because I think it is. The facts do all the talking.

My PRELOAD powder is clumping. Is it still okay to use?

If your powder is clumping, no need to worry. It’s still 100% safe and is NOT defective.

In fact, this is a completely normal process since PRELOAD contains two hygroscopic ingredients (HydroMax™ and Citrulline), both of which absorb moisture in the air, resulting in clumps.

HydroMax™ contributes to vascularity and great pumps. So if there's no clumping, there's no pumping.

How many calories are in each serving?

There are only 30 calories in one scoop of PRELOAD.

Is there any dairy, gluten or soy in PRELOAD?

No. No dairy, gluten, or soy.

What flavors does PRELOAD come in?

PRELOAD comes in three smooth flavors. Icy Blue Razz, Grape Infusion & Watermelon.

When will my order arrive?

For all Canadian orders:

  1. Shipping will be through Canada Post.
  2. Unit(s) will be shipped the next business day.
  3. Delivery will be 1-3 business days.

For all US orders:

  1. Shipping will be through USPS.
  2. Unit(s) will be shipped within 24 hours of order being placed, Monday through Friday
  3. Delivery will be 2-8 days.

What is the refund policy?

Your order of PRELOAD is is backed by my 365-day, 100% money-back, no-nonsense guarantee.

Meaning if you don’t make noticeable gains in the next 365 days or aren’t completely blown away by your results… I will refund every penny.

All you have to do is contact our customer service team and ask for a refund. You will then send the rest of your unopened bottles back to our fulfillment company. Once they've received your return, we will promptly issue you a full refund.

Note: You will be responsible for covering the cost of the return shipping, unless the product is defective.

Why choose PRELOAD over other pre-workouts?

Unlike the others, we only include high quality ingredients in their scientifically supported dosages to maximize your muscle gains, endurance, strength, energy and focus in the gym and for the rest of your day.

No inflated claims or behind the curtain stunts. With PRELOAD we use complete label transparency and have zero “proprietary blends.” Meaning we show you exactly which ingredients and how much are in each serving.

On top of the great taste and quality, you’ll enjoy remarkable muscle pumps, laser focus, and 12+ hours of all day energy without the crash…

And sure, I understand you may be skeptical. After all, this is my biased opinion. I’ve put my heart and soul into making PRELOAD the Bentley of pre-workouts… not just another rip off with a fancy label.

Don’t believe me? Well that’s why I have my 100% money back triple guarantee. No other company stands by their product like I do… and I’m willing to prove it down to the very last scoop.

I see plenty of pre-workout powders cheaper than PRELOAD. Why should I pay more and take PRELOAD?

You should pay more if you're looking for energy that lasts ALL day long and focus that doesn't wean or waver. You see, this isn't one of those lame-o pre-workouts that only give you about 3-4 hours of energy followed by a crash.

Because of this, price has never been an issue for PRELOAD. But don't take my word for it—compare our formula with any other pre-workout on the market and you'll see that not only is PRELOAD the only fully-loaded pre-workout available, but that we also only use the highest quality ingredients in their clinically effective dosages. There's simply no way I'd sacrifice my reputation – and your results – by cutting corners.

PRELOAD is worth every penny, and when you try it for yourself, you’ll be a massive fan, too. I guarantee it.

Are there any hidden ingredients inside of PRELOAD?

Absolutely Not. We use complete label transparency and are free of proprietary blends. Every ingredient in PRELOAD is on the clearly displayed on the label and in its exact dosages for the promised results on this page.

Does Preload contain sweeteners and artificial flavours?

Yes. PRELOAD contains both natural (stevia) and artificial (sucralose) sweeteners. We initially tried using stevia alone as our sweetener, however, it just wasn’t palatable due to all the bioactive ingredients. But, we still wanted to minimize the total amount of sucralose used, so we included stevia in the formulation as well.

It’s important to recognize that while certain individuals may be sensitive to artificial sweeteners, a large majority tolerate them with no adverse impact on health. In fact, the human clinical data demonstrates that much larger doses (30+ servings of PRELOAD daily) are required to start significantly altering the gut microbiome!

And while the data is mixed on the effects of artificial sweeteners over the last 20 years, the real risk to health lies in the pillars of health, wellness and human performance… and that is going to come from foundational lifestyle habits (overall diet, exercise for both energy systems development + strength/functional muscle mass, sleep, stress management, and other supplements).

In other words, stop majoring in the minors! Instead, strive to be a reasonable and rational assessor of relative risk. The very small dose of artificial sweetener in PRELOAD is NOT the enemy. Overall, the potential benefits of an M5 lifestyle far outweigh any potential risk.

How do I know PRELOAD is LEGIT and you're not selling me snake oil?

When I say no other pre-workout compares, I mean it. If one did, I wouldn’t have invested countless hours, money and time to create this formula. I started this journey just trying to give myself an edge in the gym. And when I experienced just how powerful this combination of ingredients were, I had to share it.

I’ve gone to great lengths to ensure you get the absolute best bang for your buck. Which is why with every scoop you’re going to get unrivaled pumps in the gym, noticeable boosts in your performance, smooth energy, and drive that just won’t quit.

This all-in-one pre-workout supplement combines only the most effective ingredients backed by a proven track record, both in scientific literature and in the trenches.

I know you’re serious about results like me... which is why I’ve gone above and beyond to make this the highest-quality pre-workout you get your hands on.

What else makes PRELOAD the most effective pre-workout in the industry?

PRELOAD is the first ever all-in-one triple-patented pre-workout of its kind. Featuring three little-known, yet powerful ingredients known in the science community as HydroMax®, AlphaSize®, and TeaCrine®.

Gym-goers like you and me didn’t have access to this special combination of ingredients until now. Add in some of the tried and true ingredients which have been available for decades like beta alanine, creatine monohydrate, L-Citrulline, and a tiny bit of caffeine (not enough to make you crash, but just enough to enhance your energy levels)... and you’ve got all the ingredients you need to crush your workouts and dominate your day.

Plus, this one of a kind matrix of ingredients gives you compounding results over time. Instead of ‘losing its effect’ like other pre-workouts, PRELOAD will give you the same (if not more) ‘get up and go’ on day 90 as it will on day one. You’ll see what I mean after you try it.

Are there any hidden ingredients inside of PRELOAD?

No. We use complete label transparency and are free of proprietary blends. Meaning every ingredient in PRELOAD is clearly displayed on the label and in their exact dosages.

Will PRELOAD screw up my sleep if I work out at night?

If you work out at night and take another pre-workout supplement you might have a difficult time falling asleep because of all the caffeine most of them contain. Not with PRELOAD.

Remember, PRELOAD only uses 300mg of caffeine per serving (the same as 1 large cup of coffee) so you get enough juice for your workout without the massive spike and crash.

As for the other ingredients in PRELOAD... they’ll give you the energy, focus and intensity you need for the gym without loading you full of other stimulants that will keep you up at night.

Can I take PRELOAD every day?

You can take PRELOAD whenever you like. We made sure to keep the dose of caffeine at a small enough level to give you the mental and performance benefits, without building a caffeine tolerance or draining your adrenal glands. We’ve also added two ingredients, Theanine and Teacrine which work with the small dosage of caffeine to enhance your energy, drive, and focus yet without the crash.

Because I assume you’re not working out every day of the week… I recommend taking one full scoop pre-workout and only ½ scoop on non-workout days.

Most pre-workouts have 3.2 grams/dose of Beta Alanine. Why did you only use 1.6 grams/dose in PRELOAD?

We use 1.6 grams per serving because PRELOAD is a long-term solution to maximizing your gains. Not some quick fix. Let me explain...

1.6 grams of beta alanine is based on the TOTAL body of scientific literature, not cherry-picked studies. In fact, research proves nothing is "magical" about 3.2, 4.8, 6.4 grams or anything in-between.

In reality, it’s the total dose consumed over time which elevates intramuscular Carnosine concentrations and gives you the real benefit. Not the individual dose per serving. So taking a higher dose doesn’t speed up the process.

1.6 grams minimizes the uncomfortable side effects (like tingling, itching, burning, etc.) while allowing a steady and gradual increase in the performance and training capacity.

Why does PRELOAD have 300mg of caffeine instead of high levels like our competitors?

Great question! We only used a ‘moderate’ dose of caffeine because it creates an adaptive response in the body by saturating your adrenal receptors.

Over time you need more and more caffeine to accomplish the same effect. A harmless 200mg of caffeine climbs to 400mg, which then escalates to 800mg, 1,200mg and beyond.

We all know the guy who needs absurd amounts of caffeine to muster up enough courage to find his car keys and head to the gym. Then he crashes an hour or two later.

PRELOAD includes other high quality ingredients which work in unison with caffeine to multiply the mental and physical benefits of caffeine or provide similar results, such as Teacrine, Theanine, Phenylalanine and more.

This is why we’re able to effectively use 300mg caffeine to give you enough “juice” for your session and the rest of your day, but not enough to make your tolerance shoot through the roof.

Why does PRELOAD have 3,000mg of Creatine instead of 5,000 mg?

Some studies recommend “loading” creatine. But an alternative supplementation protocol is to ingest 3 g/day of creatine monohydrate for 28 days.(22)

Evidence shows 3,000mg is enough to maintain similar increases when compared to loading creatine at higher doses, although it takes a little longer. Since PRELOAD was designed to help you over the long term (not as a quick fix) 3,000 mg is the sufficient and evidence-based strategy for near daily dosages. (22)

Even 100 kg and larger individuals will see increases in muscle (similar to those with high-dose loading) over 28 days of routine supplementation at 3g per day.

Certainly, much larger individuals who carry lots of lean body mass can utilize additional creatine supplementation to maximize muscular saturation in a very short period of time. Otherwise you likely don't need to load, and will reap long-term benefits of creatine with 3 grams daily is enough.

Why Does PRELOAD only have 1,500mg of L-Tyrosine?

Of course, there’s data from clinical studies on tyrosine showing resistance to extreme/stressful conditions ranges from 100mg up to even 200mg/kg bodyweight. However, there are 3 key points you need to consider:

  1. These studies were all using tyrosine in ISOLATION, and not in a stacked, multi-ingredient product like PRELOAD with many other bioactives. This alone should change your interpretation of how the ingredient may behave in a finished product.
  2. Another detail when you truly appraise the "totality" of the science is that tyrosine has been shown to have a very reliable DOSE-RESPONSE relationship. What this means is that up to a certain dose, the more you administer, the more that appears systemically in the blood, and the greater the effect/response (appears to range from about 15mg/kg to about 150mg/kg for Tyrosine).
  3. Last, not every single ingredient in a complex, multi-ingredient product needs to be dosed according to any one clinical trial. I’m not making claims specific to this one ingredient at one specific dose. What other pre-workout contains 8 to 15 grams of tyrosine? In fact, one of the stress resilience studies in extreme conditions actually dosed it at 2 grams (5x daily), but even after a 2 gram dose, subjects demonstrated benefits.

Bottom line: When formulating products with this many ingredients, you often need to combine the best available clinical evidence, along with practical aspects of cost to consumer, flavor/palatability, and the context of having many other ingredients that may complement, augment or enhance many of the same effects.

Why does PRELOAD use Creatine Monohydrate instead of another form?

Many supplement companies trick consumers with fancy-sounding esters.

We use Creatine Monohydrate in PRELOAD because it has the greatest body of scientific research to support its results.

Trust me, if there was a better and more effective ester we would happily use it in PRELOAD.

Can’t I get Betaine from foods?

Your body makes Betaine in small amounts and you can get it from foods such as spinach, quinoa and beets.

The problem is these trace amounts are no match when compared to scientifically supported dosages. This means you have to supplement with Betaine if you want to reap the amazing performance enhancing benefits such as:

  • Increasing Creatine in your muscles which leads to increased muscle growth. (7)
  • Slowing the rate of muscle protein breakdown so you can retain more of your lean body mass on a calorie deficit when dieting down to get shredded.
  • Buffering lactic acid which can impair muscle contracts and force you to stop your set. (8)
  • Naturally increasing HGH while also decreasing cortisol, your body’s primary catabolic hormone. (9)

Why doesn’t PRELOAD have Arginine?

When most people think of Nitric Oxide and getting a good pump, they think of Arginine. But when you take Arginine in supplement form it isn’t great at increasing plasma levels of Arginine in the body. (23)

PRELOAD uses L-Citrulline Malate which is an amino acid your body converts into Arginine. When it comes to increasing Plasma Arginine levels and giving you a skin-splitting pump, L-Ctrulline Malate is far more effective than using arginine. (1)

Why did we use Alpha GPC instead of Huperzine-A?

Great question! Huperzine-A works well when you first start using it but fades over a couple of weeks. The long half-life of the supplement lingers in your system which causes your body to upregulate and adapt. In other words, Huperzine-A tends to lose its effectiveness quickly.

On the other hand, this doesn’t happen with Alpha-GPC. It creates a more "on demand" effect which doesn’t fade over time since your body does not adapt to it.

Huperzine-A has data for improvements in cognitive performance. Alpha-GPC has data to support benefits in physical and exercise performance as well as cognitive and mental function. There’s no doubt that Alpha-GPC is the best choice for you.

Why doesn’t PRELOAD have L-Carnitine or Acetyl-L-Carnitine?

Even though Acetyl-L-Carnitine/ Carnitine L-Tartrate is a great ingredient, it was not practical for PRELOAD.

If we added it the formula would have been extremely hygroscopic. This means our pre-workout powder would absorb water from the air creating a thick, wet paste.

We were able to get similar benefits from other ingredients and are 100% comfortable with the result. We’re confident you will be too.

Why doesn’t PRELOAD include Agmatine Sulfate? I see other companies using it.

Many brands include Agmatine under the wrong impression that it may "enhance the nitric oxide response."

However, research has shown that it actually inhibits the NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase) enzyme, which means it would diminish the vasodilation response from Nitric Oxide ingredients such as Citrulline, Arginine, Flavonoids, Polyphenols, etc.

It may give people the perception of vasodilation by dropping blood pressure, but this is something you do NOT want either because it decreases exercise performance.

What does "science based dosages" mean? Is the dose the same for a 205 pound male vs a 120 pound female?

"Science-based dosages" means the doses are based on human clinical trials. This means we went back to the proven scientific research to make sure we used the most effective doses for each ingredient. Rest assured, they were not chosen at random.

One full serving of PRELOAD was carefully designed based off all the available scientific research, and should be the right dose for you.

Dosing for any supplement can vary based on many factors including your body weight, age, dietary background, lifestyle and genetics and biochemical individuality (enzymes, receptors, metabolism, etc.).

For individuals on the very extremes of body weight (e.g., > 250 lbs or <110 lbs), then it may be necessary to assess your tolerance and response with a smaller dose.

For example, if you weigh less than 110 pounds you may want to start with 1/2 a serving of PRELOAD.

If you weighs over 250 pounds, start with 1 full serving and then adjust by adding an additional half scoop based on your tolerance.

But due to the potent nature of ingredients it is NOT recommended that even larger, tolerant individuals use 2 or more servings of PRELOAD.

How do I order PRELOAD?

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